For The Love of George, reviewed by Jenny Wilson at

Irene writes with almost unbearable honesty, giving the reader an insight into each person’s pain, without ever getting bogged down in sentimentality as George’s disease progresses with indecent haste. She doesn’t court our sympathy but has it unquestionably by exposing us to the family’s rising anxiety, pain and searching, as they struggle to find a cure.

Throughout, George’s own voice and character shine through as we read his emails, written in the third person, as if the first person is a step too far in acknowledging the disease. His big heart and capacity to grab life is wondrous and one can only stand in awe of this young man, on the brink of adulthood with all the excitement of a teenager’s hopes and dreams ahead of him. It is testament to his extraordinary makeup but a tribute too to Dad and Mum and the family who love and cherish him without ever smothering him.